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DVLA Delays

**** UPDATE **** We now have an excellent account manager at the DVLA who turns around our applications very quickly

The DVLA have been extremely slow recently at processing import applications for registration (V55/5 and V55/4) – the reasons for this are two-fold in our experience, firstly they have stopped local offices (ours being Northampton) from processing applications and instead all applications must be sent directly to Swansea.

Previously Northampton completed this within 2-5 days, we are told now to expect 2-6 WEEKS, which clearly is unacceptable and causing delays for our clients – we ship and test many cars from destinations across the world in half that time and then are help up because of this paperwork

We have also had some applications returned for bizarre reasons e.g. not including an IVA certificate as proof of age for a 1973 vehicle – since when has any car over ten years old required an IVA test?!

Unfortunately the DVLA also timed the above with the implementation of HMRC’s new NOVA system which in principle is excellent as it speeds up the customs receipt process as it is all computerised, the DVLA do not need to see customs proof of payment / entry – this is all very well however many cars the DVLA claim not to be able to be located on the NOVA system, even when the NOVA receipt of completed entry is provided.

The other issue is that many insurance companies only give 5-10 days cover on a VIN number prior to registration – the DVLA then reject the application and sent it back two weeks later, because the insurance has expired.

We at ShipMyCar are doing all we can for clients, however battling with the DVLA is not an easy process. All applications we submit are fully checked by our experienced staff here prior to being sent