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Dubai to UK Car Shipping

Shipping a car from Dubai to the UK can make a lot of sense whether you are looking at moving to the UK or planning an extended vacation and would like to avoid costly hire car charges.

Dubai Office

We have ShipMyCar agents in our office in Dubai who can assist with all aspects of RTA clearance and export certificates. Whether you have just purchased a car from auction or need it collected from your Dubai residence, we can help.

Our unique INSTANT car shipping quote system gives you the ability to recieve an instant full breakdown of all the costs involved in shipping any make / model of vehicle from Dubai and importing it into the UK including:

  • Transport costs from within Dubai City limits
  • Dubai export charges and container loading fees
  • Port to port shipping in your own 20ft container
  • Fully comprehensive marine insurance
  • UK unloading and customs clearance administration
  • Transport to ShipMyCar for registration
  • Complete IVA/MOT modification and testing service
  • DVLA registration
  • Road fund tax application costs
  • Estimate of any tax/duty that may be payable on entry to the UK

Instant Car Shipping Quote from Dubai to UK

If you would like an instant quote for importing your vehicle from Dubai to the UK including all testing, registration and import duty calculations please visit our website at