Car Wrapping

Whether you have shipped your car with us or not, we offer a full vehicle wrap service from decals, racing / viper stripes, colour change or full digital print wraps

If you ship a car with us and opt for our Full Import Packages, the car can be in our workshop for a number of weeks whilst for DVLA and / or DVSA processing, therefore we can carry out all customisation work without holding up the delivery of your imported car.


We can assist with design, print, cut and more to see your ideas through to reality

Popular car wrapping options include viper / racing stripes on Camaros / Mustangs, roof change to matte / gloss black, carbon fibre wrap no interior or exterior items, full colour change on whole bodywork or complete digital print wraps in any design in both gloss or matte finishes

If you have imported your vehicle for commercial purposes, why not have us fully brand the vehicle prior to you taking delivery, from small logos through to full vehicle commercial wrap in your own designs.



All car wrap work is undertaken in-house under our trading name WrapHQ