Car Shipping Methods

Vehicle Shipping Methods

There are different way that we can assist you with shipping your car to/from the UK. Each vary significantly in the speed of the process and of course the cost. It is usually safe to assume that the faster the service, the higher the cost.

  • RoRo

    Roll-on-roll-off or RoRo is usually the cheapest form of shipping and not something we would usually offer unless your vehicle is oversize and does not fit inside a container. We generally feel the cost saving is not large enough in most cases to warrant the higher risk of damage / theft. It is basically like a very large car ferry, cars are driven onto the vessel by the dock workers and strapped to the deck, open to the elements.

  • 20ft Container

    This is the safest and quickest form of sea freight, your vehicle is loaded on its own into a 20ft container, chocked and strapped inside with additional moisture protection optionally added.

  • Shared Container

    We would use either 40ft or 45ft containers to load 3-5 vehicles. This offers a high level of security and safety yet at a low cost due to the fact you are sharing all container costs with the other vehicles. There are a couple of ways we load / rack shared containers, either using wood or using the modern R-Rak metallic racking system

  • Air Freight

    This is the fastest and obviously most expensive method of shipping your car. We load onto either cargo aircraft or into the hold of commercial flights. Air freighting your vehicle can usually have the car anywhere in the world in just a matter of days