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Bugatti Veyron priced from $3.6M in India thanks to 110% taxation

If you live in India, your list of available supercars to purchase just grew by one very fast model. Bugatti has announced it will begin selling its Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport there. Undeterred by the nation’s 110-percent import tax, Bugatti is taking orders for the topless two-door, which will cost about 160 million rupees or $3.6 million USD. For reference, the same model would cost you about $2.24 million here in the United States or €1.6 million in places dealing with Euros. After receiving the orders, the cars will take six to eight months to be delivered

India is a blooming market for luxury goods manufacturers, and Ferrari plans to follow Bugatti by shipping over its California hardtop convertible sportscar. Rolls-Royce, Jaguar and Land Rover are already selling in India… and selling quite well, as the number of Indian millionaires continues to grow.