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Beckham’s Camaro

Beckham recently managed to get $217,000 for his modified 2008 Porsche Turbo Cabriolet and has used some of the proceeds to purchase a 2011 Grey Chevrolet Camaro 2SS for the sum of $55,000.

David Beckham Camaro 2SS
David Beckham Camaro 2SS

David is no stranger to shipping US cars back to the UK, he was one of the first to ship an Escalade to the UK when he played for Manchester United, with a number of his vehicles being custom wrapped in grey

If he decides to bring the Camaro back to the UK he will require IVA testing and modifications that go with it

Shipping a Camaro to the UK

We ship Chevrolet Camaros back to the UK all the time and so are very experienced with the IVA modifications necessary -we have even developed a Light Control Unit to safely alter the lights at the rear of the vehicle to separate the brake and indicators and add side repeaters. We also use LED lights to provide completely invisible IVA modifications