American Car Sales

If you are involved in the American car scene then you would have undoubtedly heard of us at ShipMyCar, we are the leading full service importer of American cars to the UK and regularly attend shows and events across the UK as well as sponsoring many of the main American Car Magazines.

If you are looking to purchase a NEW American car and do not wish to have to deal with paying the seller in the US, and organising us to ship it back, we can facilitate the entire process for you and make the purchase of your new American car as easy as buying from any UK dealer.

For new American cars we can provide in an ‘on-the-road’ UK price:

  • Sourcing of your exact vehicle through our vast dealer network, if the exact vehicle you want does not exist we will ensure it is ordered from the manufacturer as quickly as possible
  • Payment to US dealer
  • PDI and vehicle check prior to shipping
  • Full import package including US transport, customs, shipping, marine insurance, UK customs, unloading, IVA testing, DVLA registration
  • Fully comprehensive UK warranty for all makes/models of US vehicle

The process is straightforward, you let us know the specification you want, we provide you with a UK £GBP price and do everything for you.

For more information please call 01908 887 917