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660cc Chevy Pickup?

A company in Sagamihara, Japan specialise in recreating classic American vehicles using tiny Kei-Cars. Kei Cars are actually a class of vehicle including passenger cars, vans, and pickup trucks which are designed to exploit local tax and insurance regulations. Because regulations only restrict physical size, engine displacement and power, manufacturers have introduced many advanced technologies to the class. As a result, kei cars are often available with forced induction engines, automatic and CVT transmissions, front-, rear- and four-wheel drive, hybrid drivetrains, air conditioning, GPS and many other features.

The company recreating the American cars is called Dream Factory Blow – they use an advanced fibre reinforced polymer to go over the basic sheet metal of the chosen Kei Car. The results are pretty impressive, but lets be honest, a Chevy Pickup with 660cc? Give us cubic inches and V8’s any day…