Car Import News

Exchange Rate great for shipping cars

Great news if you are looking into the possibility of purchasing a car in the USA and shipping to UK – the exchange rate is now above 1.7$/£ meaning you get some big savings on the purchase price of the vehicle, currently the exchange rate is at 1.7144$/£!

Employment and manufacturing figures were better than expected boosting the value of the pound

A small change in the exchange rate can help reduce the cost of buying your car and sometimes the subsequent car shipping rates as container rates can improve

An example of possible savings can be seen from our previous example:

Purchase price of car 1.5$/£ $1.7/£ Saving (£)
$50,000 £33,333 £29,411 £3,922
Import Duty 10% £3,333 £2,941 £392
Import VAT 20% (Car price + duty) £7,333 £6,470 £863
Total Savings £5,177

Car Shipping

If you have purchased a car in the USA we can assist with our door-to-door service helping you with all aspects from US transport through the shipping and even testing & registration of your vehicle once it is shipped to the UK.

We have an instant quote system which can price up all of the above from any US zip code and for any make/model of US car you are looking to ship.

So there really is no better time to ship a car and try using our Car Shipping Quote Calculator