Car Shipping

Car shipping can vary in price, quality, speed and safety more than many other services, this short guide to car shipping is designed to help you select the best way to ship your car and the quickest way to obtain a car shipping quote…

Car Shipping by Air

The quickest way to move your car a long distance is by air. We reguarly consign vehicles to destinations by air as we work closely with both high net worth individuals who reguarly travel, events and show teams who are on tight schedules. We can load cars into chartered aircraft, freight aircraft and also the cargo holds of commercial passenger jets. Generally for shipping by air, your vehicle is loaded onto pallets and securely strapped down to avoid any movement, be aware that associated costs for air freight are generally worked out by the kilogram in terms of calculating unloading, loading and storage charges.

Car Shipping by Sea

Three main methods of shipping by sea:

  • Container – safest method is to use your own container, we provide either 20ft/40ft containers to many destinations across the world
  • Shared Container – also known as ‘groupage’ or ‘consolidated’ – this is where you share the container with another customers vehicle, we only recommend sharing containers with multiple vehicles, not vehicles and personal effects which can fall and damage the cars inside. Using this method is the best combination of safety and price
  • RORO – or Roll-on-Roll-off – basically a car ferry either inside the vessel or on open deck. Not the safest of methods by a long margin and your vehicle is driven onto the vessel by the staff at the port, if you do not want your vehicle driven or it is a non-runner, this option may not be best for you

Our consolidated container prices are roughly the same as RORO prices and so this is our prefered method of sea frieght if budget constraints make sole use container out of the question.

Shipping by road

We ship many cars across Europe and the world by road. If you are travelling a long distance, are shipping a valuable car or are shipping a car with easily removed items / possessions inside, we recommend enclosed transporters where the vehicles inside are safely secured.

Car Shipping Insurance

We always ensure every vehicle is fully insured before car shipping commences – our insurance policy covers vehicles not just for the unfortunate bump or scrape, but also total vehicle loss. If damage does occure we help you through every stage of making a claim.

Car Shipping Documentation

Each country varies from a passport and vehicle title check to having obtain a police export authority form. Ensure you check before booking your car shipping as some countries require authority to bring the car for import prior to shipping is started

Car Shipping Import Duty / VAT

Again each country varies on the requirements for import duty and VAT, some countries do not allow vehicles to be imported over a certain age and others impose high taxes for gas guzzlers or certain other cars. For more information keep an eye out on our site or contact us to discuss your requirements

Car Shipping Quotes

It can be hard work obtaining car shipping quotes as many car shipping companies are still very old fashioned in the way they operate, luckily pioneer the instant quote facility provided for your convinience on our website – our huge database of vehicles, countries, import / export requirements is growing every day and allows you to obtain a full breakdown of all the cots involved in importing or exporting a car to/from the UK with just a click of the mouse, and all for free!

Car Shipping Advice

Whatever your car shipping needs, feel free to call us anytime for a no obligation chat with one of our shippign experts – you can also contact us using Live Chat to save on call costs, by using the Live Chat button at the bottom right of our website

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